Wise Home Inspection

The Whi Way

The Wise Home Inspection Process

If you are a typical home buyer you will spend 30 minutes to one hour walking through a home prior to making an offer. At best you will develop a general impression on the overall physical condition of the home. But what about site drainage and landscaping, foundations and structural framing, attic construction, roof conditions, insulation R-values, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems? These are just a few of the considerations included in a WHI home inspection.

Above all, the safety of you and your family should be first and foremost. A WHI home inspection will alert you to red flag issues involving the electrical wiring and fixtures, fireplaces and chimneys, gas fixtures such as furnaces, water heaters, cook tops, and ovens, railings at staircases and decks, tempered safety glass in required locations, automatic reverse of garage door openers, firewall compliance, general deterioration and so much more.

Clearly, your agent understands this process and the importance of equipping you to make an informed purchase decision. That is why they have encouraged you to hire an inspector.



When The Inspector Arrives

Upon our arrival, we will take a few minutes to walk you through the home inspection process and explain the procedures. You will be informed that the inspection process is meant to identify issues in the home and explain what your options are to correct them; however, the inspection process is not meant to uncover every potential flaw in the home. The objective of the inspection is to identify and assess the major components of the home.


The Exterior Walk Through

The inspection process will start on the exterior of the home. We will walk with you around the home as we observe the exterior. We will begin at the front of the home and look at the home from the top of the roof line to the ground, taking note of all the structures on the exterior and assessing their conditions. We will examine wall coverings, chimneys, gutters, porches, decks, windows, doors, the foundation and the slope of grade of the lot.


The Interior Walk Through

Upon completion of the exterior walk through, we will go indoors. In each room we will inspect the floor, then move to the walls and ceiling and finish with any fixtures in each room. We will move from room to room, always in the same direction, and open all doors and windows. This procedure will help us make sure we inspect all heating sources, electrical sources, the plumbing system and all other components in the home.


Once We Have Inspected Your Home

Once the inspection is complete, we compile our findings in easy-to-read reports, which will include detailed
descriptions and high-quality digital photos of any repair items discovered and many of the positive features of the home. You will receive these reports usually within 24 hours.

  • Detailed Report with photos documenting existing conditions and defects that have been discovered.
  • Summary Report with photos of the defects.
  • Photo Report of all photos taken during the inspection.
  • Check List Report without photos of the defects that you, the buyer, will review with your real estate agent prior to negotiating with the seller.

These four reports will allow you to know what you are buying, before you buy it. And that could save you thousands of dollars and years of regret.

As a buyer, you are making a major investment and it is important to understand exactly what you are purchasing. Having WHI conduct a thorough inspection of the prospective property, could be compared to taking out an insurance policy against all potential operating costs. It is an indispensable component of a well-planned purchase.

That is the WHI Way.