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Hiring Me as Your Home Inspector is a Wise Choice


All right!!…..You found the home of your dreams. But you want to make absolutely sure that this house is as wonderful as you believe. What do you do? Rely on your own impressions or whatever the seller’s real estate agent told you?

A wise choice is to be more cautious and order a home inspection as part of your real estate purchase process. For peace of mind and the avoidance of costly home repairs, spending the fees for a home inspection up front can be well worth it. In fact, the cost of a home inspection will be a small fraction of your overall investment in this home.

So let me offer you several additional reasons why hiring me as your home inspector is so important for the success of your home investment.

  • I love to go where most home buyers will not. Walking on a roof to inspect the condition of the roof shingles or chimney flashing is something I love to do. Especially if the weather is just right. If not, I will do it anyways.

On one home inspection I walked on a roof and noticed that the chimney cap did not have an adequate slope to shed rain water. Serious ponding was taking place and a caulk joint was the only defense against water entering the chimney.


If I had not walked the roof and observed this condition, unnecessary costs to repair this future leak would have been realized by the new home owner. Places (similar to roofs) that are seldom inspected by a new home owner are places where serious structural issues could present themselves.

  • I will submit to you, the potential buyer, four individual home inspection reports. My reports identify in writing and with photographs the defects in the home. With this documentation, you have specific evidence that you can use to negotiate with the seller. To see for yourself, check out this sample report.
  • I am unbiased. I will not convince you to buy or not to buy the home. I am committed to offer accurate and reliable information about your home. My reputation depends upon it! I will not overstate or understate a condition on your home. If I overstate a condition, this could lead you to make an unfounded decision to walk away from the house. If I understate a condition, you may end up with an unexpected major repair bill in the future. In either case, both you and your real estate agent have been seriously affected. So…for me to work hard communicating clearly, accurately, and without bias is a “no-brainer”.

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